Upcoming Ipo – Nasdaq Ortau Acquisition Corporation

One more IPO is on its way to get listed. IPO lovers may be craving to get this IPO offering. But before that, let’s get a look at the company’s position and health in today’s economy. This is and holding company; their job is to protect company assets from the operation and save them from litigation. Thy holds outstanding stocks of other firms; they do not undergo in plants and produce something. They do all the legal work required in the acquisition, reorganization, or any corporate activity.

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IPO details

  • Dates to remember- 18-08-2020- public filing
  • The rest other dates are not declared yet.
  • IPO size-25million shares
  • IPO price- $10
  • Other details are not declared yet.
  • NASDAQ symbol OTRAU

Let’s go through the E-I-C (economy –industry- Company) approach


USA economy is already trying to beat the low impact of COVID -19 on their investors, employees. Recession and then a mild depression is visible in a few states. Inflation is at its peak. Global relations are also sick. No foreign monetary help or debt for the nation could be expected. COVID-19 is a pandemic, multi-national companies are suffering from it. A glimpse of unemployment, poverty, and starvation are visible.


It belongs to holding companies’ sectors. Competitors’ risk is low. Fewer competitors enter because of difficulty to access. Its peer competitors are the UnitedHealth group, with a market cap of $157.11. The industry has high growth space.  As this company has a good corporate background, this may mark a good position.


It is a blank check company, incorporated under the state laws of Delaware, July 30, 2020.they business in the corporative decisions of the company like reorganization, merger, and partnership, end of the partnership, acquisition, recapitalization, and stock purchase. Their customers are corporate, business holders, entrepreneurs. It is also available with NASDAQ: OTRAU at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-otrau title.

Company financial status

Past year balance sheets and other details are not available yet. As this is their first fiscal year of operation, we do not have past year company performance reports. Therefore, we know only the financial aspects of the company, which is disclosed with Nasdaq prospectus. Their initial business fund was $241 million.

  • Proper ratio analysis is impossible because of a lack of data.
  • Company asset value and cash flow
  • No growth symbol is visible as this company has started functioning since July 2020.
  • No dividend and bonus have been issued yet.
  • In this IPO, the company has issued class A shares with warrants of value $75,000.
  • After looking to its July and august activities, it booked a loss of $2600.

Past performance data is used as a future scenario depicting signal, but due to lack of that, it has to determine that it is a good or bad IPO. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: THRY at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-thry before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.