How to Register a Company?

Hong Kong Company Registration and bank account are the only ways to get started with a business in the former British colony. It is easy to go on the World Wide Web to search for companies that need new partners. However, there are also many other sources where a business person can find a suitable partner.
One of the most common sources of partners in Hong Kong is the business directory listings. The information is freely available from these directories, and they often provide links to their websites. A person in a business can browse through the database of a particular directory and then search for partners in that particular category. Some companies have directories of partners too.
The business directories will show the names and contact details of all the registered and licensed companies of Hong Kong. A person in a business can then contact the companies if he is looking to set up a business in Hong Kong. It is the easiest way to find partners.
Another useful resource is a website, which caters to the needs of entrepreneurs. These websites have contacts of companies, which have an interest in partnerships.
There are other types of business directories too. A business person can find out about registered companies in Hong Kong on the website of the Registrar of Companies, which is an office of the Central Business Bureau. These businesses provide regular updates on all the new companies in Hong Kong.
Some websites offer free information on websites. These are mostly updated from time to time. A person in a business can find out whether a particular company is registered.
Most banks in Hong Kong to offer services for entrepreneurs. The websites also have lists of such banks. The lists of such banks are updated frequently, according to the requirement of the entrepreneur.
If an entrepreneur’s needs are not urgent, he can rely on any one of the above sources. But it is advisable to do some research before approaching any company. To make sure that the company is appropriately registered to establish company in Hong Kong.
The entrepreneur must always check the status of the company before signing any agreement. He must also know how long it has been in operation, before handing over his money.
An entrepreneur may also visit the office of the Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong and register his company with them, as well. However, these organizations charge a fee.
However, the fees of registration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Bureau is generally lesser. Than that of registration with the Registry of Companies. Therefore, it is advisable to visit the Registry of Companies first, and then register your company.
The registration process of the Registration of Company with the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Bureau is lengthy, whereas the registration process of the Business Bureau is relatively simple. Thus, it is better to register with the latter, to save time.
These companies take a lot of your time. It is essential to see the authenticity of these websites before trusting them with your business.
Registration of a company with the Registry of Companies also involves formalities like collecting the necessary documents. Though these formalities take time, they are necessary for making sure that your company is genuine. Moreover, the registration of your company with the Registration of Company with the Business Bureau is also expensive.

Hong Kong Company Registration and bank account