Hong Kong Company Formation – Its Benefits

Hong Kong is among the freest markets, is an ideal place for setting up a small business and easily from a limited company. Hong Kong is highly conducive to facilitate a free market and thrive with minimal regulation and restriction. And its tax system is also very conducive to business owners.

In addition to all these factors, the statutory corporate income rate in Hong Kong is fifteen percent, which is low compared to the corporate tax rate in the US and UK. Furthermore, the corporate tax rate in other countries is twenty percent. Companies in Hong Kong enjoy many other advantages that are not available with companies in the mainland through Hongkong company formation. Most importantly, they enjoy the right to choose the local jurisdiction for taxes. They have the freedom to run their business according to their wishes and can limit their overseas business expenses.

There are three types of the taxation system in Hong Kong: The Single taxation system, the Double taxation system, and the Participating Multinational Tax Systems. In this article, I am going to talk about the benefits of company formation in Hong Kong. You might want to consider this information if you are looking for a suitable business structure for your own company. This information will help you understand the benefits of the tax system in Hong Kong.

The first benefit of company formation in Hong Kong is the simplicity of the procedure. Once the shareholders approve the funding, the registration is considered successful. From then on, the shareholders will not need to make any decision for the company, except choosing the directors.

Company formation in Hong Kong is relatively cheap. The minimum capital that needs to be registered is just 300 dollars. It is considered the lowest rate all over the world. Even the minimum profits can be made with low capital.

The second benefit is the ease of processing of the company profits tax. If you are going to register an international company, you can expect the tax payment to be made in your country. However, if you are going to register a domestic small business enterprise, you must deal with the local government. Besides, some foreign-funded enterprisesmust deal with different procedures for the registration of company profits. You should check the requirements by visiting the websites of the local authorities.

A third benefit is the availability of the registered office in Hong Kong. In case you are going to set up the business in Hong Kong, you must choose the Registered Office. This office is provided to the shareholders and the directors of the company so that they can meet regularly for meetings and other official purposes. Therefore, the convenience of meeting at the registered office will be very beneficial for the shareholders and the directors. Moreover, it provides easy access to the shareholders and the directors.

The fourth benefit is the availability of the company secretary. The company secretary plays a vital role in the management of the business. Therefore, you have to make sure that you appoint the best person for the position. The registered office serves as the headquarters of the company secretary. Therefore, you have to ensure that you appoint the best person for the position of company secretary so that you can get all the official documents and newsletters regarding the company adequately dispatched to the shareholders and the directors.

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